Valencia city beaches: urban, in a Natural Park, naturists, dog-friendly…

Apart from the already well-known beaches of Malvarrosa and Patacona, very close to Valencia city you will find several interesting spots for a perfect beach day. Here are some:

Port Saplaya beach (Alboraya)

Port Saplaya is a residential area in Alboraya, very close to Valencia city. It is known for its unique buildings, its marina and its two beaches.

It also offers many services, as well as a convenient access by car and bus. Travel Habitat has these accommodations in Port Saplaya:

Beaches near Valencia city: Port Saplaya.

Malvarrosa & La Patacona beaches

Malvarrosa beach is perhaps the most famous and busiest in Valencia city. It offers several km of fine sand, with all the services and a great day and night atmosphere plenty of restaurants, shops and bars. The Patacona beach is its extension towards Alboraya (where we also find Port Saplaya). Both beaches of Valencia city are ideal as a residential area and to enjoy a sports day on its long seaside walk strolling, running, rollerblading, etc.

Travel Habitat has these accommodations in the area:

Beaches near Valencia city: La Patacona.

Pinedo beach and Pinedo dog beach

On the other side of the mouth of the new Turia riverbed, we find some beaches that surround the Albufera Natural Park, and the first of them is Pinedo. The Pinedo beach is open, with fine sand and a blue flag. It offers a naturist area and the famous Pinedo dog beach, which opens in summer from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. with facilities designed to be enjoyed with your best friends. In 2019 it opens from July 11 to September 30. The goal of enabling the dog beach area in Pinedo is to allow beach access to people who wishes to enjoy it with their dogs, guaranteeing a great coexistence and hygiene for everyone.

Beaches near Valencia city: dog beach in Pinedo.

Beaches at Albufera Natural Park: El Saler

If you would rather go to calm and natural beaches, we are lucky enough to have several km of them only about 15 minutes from Valencia city, in the Albufera Natural Park: behind the Pinedo dog beach we can find other beaches included in this beautiful protected area that offers landscapes of natural dunes and vegetation: El Saler, Garrofera, La Devesa (with a naturist area next to the last car parking spot), Recatí – Perellonet, etc.

Travel Habitat accommodations near the Pinedo dog beach and the Albufera Natural Park:

Beaches near Valencia city: El Saler and Albufera Natural Park.

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