Holidays in Valencia: 5 plans for a children-friendly one day trip to Denia

Are you on holidays in Valencia with your children and wish to discover nearby places? From Travel Habitat, we recommend visiting Denia: just about 1 hour away by car, it offers all the charm of the Alicante coast and lots of children-oriented activities, such as visiting its castle, enjoying its beaches and visiting the Toy Museum.

1) Denia Castle  

The Denia Castle is more than 2000 years old. You can access it on foot or by a small tourist train, and the surrounding streets form Barrio de Les Roques are of Arab origin. Recommended: visit the Archaeological Museum inside the Castle (which explains the Iberian, Roman, Muslim and Christian stages of the Denia history).

One day trip to Denia from Valencia with children: Denia Castle.

2) Montgó Natural Park  

The Montgó Natural Park was declared in 1987 and the top of the Montgó massif is the best viewpoint in the area. It is not an excursion to go with young children or not used to hiking, but definitely recommended for families used to hiking. Also, there are several hiking and mountain biking trails in all the Montgó Natural Park area.

One day trip to Denia from Valencia with children: the Montgó Natural Park.

3) Denia beaches for children: from Las Marinas until Les Rotes

Of all the beaches and coves that form the coast of Denia, we recommend Marineta Cassiana and Punta del Raset beaches to go with your children, because of its fine sand, its blue flag (in the first case) and its shallow depth.

One day trip to Denia from Valencia with children: Denia beaches.

4) Discovering nature: Torre del Gerro route

If you are going on an excursion from Valencia with your children, we recommend the 5 km Torre del Gerro route: it will take you through the beautiful landscapes of Les Rotes and has a bathing area.

5) The Toy Museum

Where to see toys that are older than 1 century…? Undoubtedly, the Toy Museum is a great activity to discover Denia with your children: you will learn what the toy industry in Denia was like at the beginning of the 20th century.

One day trip to Denia from Valencia with children: Toy Museum.

Other ideas…

• walk through the charming Fishing District or Baix La Mar,

• visit the fish market,

• taste the local gastronomy in a restaurant,

• have some tapas around Loreto Street,

• have a drink in La Marina,

• try out any water activities on its beaches,

• join the local festivities (Denia’s agenda),

other activities to enjoy Denia with children.

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