6 great plans to discover Fallas in Valencia in 2020


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The air already smells of gunpowder and pumpkin fritters. Fallas activities start to take place one after another: Cridá or the official opening, every noon there is a large mascletá in the Town Hall Square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento). Welcome to Fallas!

Fallas Valencia 2020

What do we suggest you to do to enjoy this great festival?

1)    Attend a mascletá

The mascletá is a concert of gunpowder explosions with a unique sound that takes place at 2 pm at Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Every day it is fired by a different pyrotechnic company, thus ensuring its uniqueness throughout the 19 days of March from the beginning of the month to Saint Joseph (the 19th). How to enjoy it like Valencians do? Coming a while before to make sure you get a spot, and afterwards have a snack or a meal nearby on a terrace.

2)    Visit the Fallas

The best way to see the Fallas is to get a map and go on foot. It will be an excellent way to discover the city, its neighborhoods, streets and historical buildings. If you go from Monday the 16th, you will see how Fallas artists and their operators are setting up the Fallas, which is known as “la Plantá”. You can go with an online map, like this one. One of the best family plans for families with children for this getaway to enjoy Fallas 2020 will be getting to see Fallas Infantiles (children category of Fallas).

Valencia Tourism also offers guided tours through the Fallas.

Fallas Valencia 2020, traditional outfit and hairdo.

3)    Tasting the traditional pumpkin fritters

At tea time, as a snack, for breakfast, at midnight… On many Valencia city streets, on the corner, you will find throughout the day you stalls of pumpkin fritters and churros with hot chocolate, a traditional sweet treat during Fallas in Valencia. Perfect to regain strength between visiting one Falla and the next Falla!

4)    Admiring Ofrenda a la Virgen and its cape

Go see the most emotional moment of the Fallas: Ofrenda a la Virgen (the Offering to the Virgin), on March 17 and 18, 2020. It will be the perfect occasion to see each representation of each Casal Faller march through the streets of Valencia with their falleros, bouquet in hand, going towards Plaza de la Virgen. You will discover how the fallero and fallera outfits are, full of details and precious prints. Come and admire the Cape of the Virgin when it is finished, each year is different!

Fallas Valencia 2020, worth paying a visit to the Cape of the Virgin.

5)    Nit de Foc (Fireworks night)

From March 15 to 18, 2020, every night on Paseo de la Alameda you will have a fireworks show at midnight, and Nit de Foc deserves a special mention, the dawn of the 18th. It is worth seeing!

6)    Cremá (firing the Fallas)

See La Cremá show, on March 19, 2020 (Saint Joseph) from 10 pm and until the last Falla burns, that of the City Council at Plaza del Ayuntamiento, just after midnight.

It is the moment in which Valencia celebrates the farewell of the Fallas, burning them one by one, until the following year. A unique show!

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