Good Practice Guide of the Ministry of Health: tourism, beaches and nature in 2020

In order to guarantee the safety of the traveler, the Ministry of Health has published a Good Practice Guide for workers in the tourism field to guarantee safety, as well as an epidemiological report that can be consulted at any time by the traveler to check the risks of the region or area that you wish to visit during your holidays. This report can be consulted here.

The Ministry of Health has published a document with recommendations for the opening to the public of beaches and common bathing areas for summer 2020. On beaches and bathing areas, the risks associated with COVID 19 are related to interaction between people. To prevent the transmission of the virus, users and workers must, in addition to complying with social distance measures, comply with hygiene regulations and apply technical criteria for maintenance, cleaning and disinfection.

Active tourism and nature activities may be carried out in groups of up to 20 people from Phase 2, and these activities should be arranged preferably upon appointment, increasing its capacity as the Phase progresses. All this will always have to be carried out within the same province since, for now, it is not foreseen that trips to different provinces are allowed until the end of Phase III and, with it, the process of transition to the new normality.

As for foreign tourism, Turespaña continues to promote Spanish tourism in foreign markets, preparing for the cancellation of the 14-day quarantine imposed by the Government on all foreign tourists from July 1.

For further information on how to prepare a safer and quality tourist visit to Spain:

– Good Practice Guide for Tourism – https://turismo.gob.es/es-es/Novedades/Documents/Gu%C3%ADa%20de%20Buenas%20Pr%C3%A1cticas%20COVID19.pdf

– Measures required by the EU – https://www.companias-de-luz.com/medidas-retomar-turismo/ 

– Government APP against coronavirus – https://www.zona-internet.com/ya-puedes-descargar-la-app-del-gobierno-contra-el-coronavirus/

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