From Valencia: Pérez and Valor Chocolate Museums, in Villajoyosa (Alicante) (2/2)

Following the previous article in which we suggested a delicious visit to some Chocolate Museums – factories in Sueca and Villajoyosa, where there is a great tradition of handcrafted chocolate making, today we suggest a visit to two Chocolate Museums – factories in the area that are also largely known: Pérez and Valor. It is a great excursion to do with children from Valencia, during a getaway or some holidays, which will combine the didactic of learning how chocolate is made with the delicious chance to taste it personally. Write it down in your plans for when you come to Valencia!

Pérez Chocolate Museum – factory

By requesting a previous appointment, you can have as a guide the grandson of its founder, in 1874. During the visit he will explain the roasting of the grain, how the manual mills used to work and their evolution to animal traction, diesel and electricity, among other inventions and advances in the chocolate making. Apart from the visit to the factory and the museum, there is a small shop with Pérez Chocolate products. They also make visits for groups and have an online shop.

Pérez Chocolate Museum and factory in Villajoyosa, a great plan during your holidays in Valencia.

Useful information to visit the Pérez Chocolate Museum – Factory

Partida Mediases, 1 • Postcode 6

03570 Villajoyosa (Alicante)

Telephone: 96 589 05 73

Further information

Valor Chocolate Museum – factory

The Valor Chocolate Museum – factory is the most important in Villajoyosa, with over 300 employees and its museum, which was opened in an old country house since 1998. In the Valor Chocolates Museum you can also get to know, as in the other museums, the machinery, the process of elaboration and chocolate, and merchandising and wrappers from the beginning of the 20th century.

Valor Chocolate Museum and factory in Villajoyosa, a great plan during your holidays in Valencia.

Useful information to visit the Valor Chocolate Museum – factory

Get ready to feel the delicious chocolate smell for 50 minutes! There are guided visits in Spanish and English, in a wide variety of schedules. This visit includes a video, the guided tour of the museum – factory with over 5 generations of history since 1881, the panoramic view of the factory inside and a tasting of the Valor chocolates in the shop.

For group visits, please contact in advance with the Valor Chocolate Museum – factory.

Important information: the entrance is free, but there is a maximum capacity of 50 people and tickets are available at the automatic ticket dispenser. There can be queues of over an hour in times of great influx of tourism, such as Easter, August and bank holidays.

There is no parking in the museum, but there is a parking area very closely, and the Valor Chocolate museum – factory offers accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

#13 Pianista Gonzalo Soriano Av.

03570 Villajoyosa (Alicante)

Telephone: 966 81 04 51

Further information

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