From Valencia: Comes & Clavileño Chocolate Museums, in Sueca and Villajoyosa (1/2)

There are several activities to do in Valencia during a few days of getaway or holidays. Here at Travel Habitat accommodation blog we constantly suggest the best plans in Valencia, whether your interests are about cultural tourism, you love sports, or you are visiting Valencia with your children.

Among the activities with children that are the most attractive and the least known, we suggest a visit to a chocolate factory and museum. In the Valencian Community there is a great chocolate making tradition, especially in Sueca and Villajoyosa, so it will be the perfect occasion for adults and children to have a great time together discovering how chocolate is made and tasting it. You will spend a delicious day!

Chocolate Museums and Factories in Sueca and in Villajoyosa (Alicante)

In Villajoyosa, already in the 17th century, the cabotage trade was practiced in Cádiz and salting food, almonds and American products such as cocoa pods were traded. Shortly after, in 1840 the first chocolate factory was registered, which turned Villajoyosa into a pioneer spot in the export of this delicacy by carriage in the Valencian Community and its surroundings, and abroad by sea. In its times of maximum splendour, Villajoyosa came to have 30 chocolate factories, of which 3 factories – museum can nowadays be visited: the Pérez, Clavileño and the well-known Valor Chocolate Museums and factories

Comes Museum – factory, in Sueca

Since 1966 the Comes family has been working in a chocolate workshop that was extended to the current Comes Chocolates Museum and factory in Sueca, very close to Valencia city. Because the previous generation of the Comes family had stored machinery and utensils of their ancestors, and they had travelled through Spain collecting pieces related to the production of chocolate, in 2002 a museum was also opened.

Chocolate factories in Sueca: Comes Chocolate Museum.

Visiting the Comes Museum – factory

Guided visits of 1 hour, where you can see all the necessary machinery to make chocolate: emulsifier, toaster, husk, etc. You can also see utensils, advertising objects of the time, as well as access the workshop and learn about the history of chocolate and its manufacturing process.

It is necessary to arrange a previous visit and, apart from the guided visit, you can enjoy tastings and buy products in the shop located in the same Museum – factory.

Among its products, we highlight the unrefined chocolate in the shape of “Bollet” (cylindrical bar), unrefined chocolate with carob, very popular during the post-war period, and other delicacies such as unrefined chocolate with tiger nuts, spicy unrefined chocolate and chocolate honey.

Useful information to visit the Comes Museum – factory

#29 Sant Josep St.

46410 Sueca (Valencia)

Telephone: 96 170 19 42

E-mail: info@chocolatescomes.com

Further information

Clavileño Museum and factory

If you feel like taking a walk through the beautiful Villajoyosa, in Alicante, we recommend you visit one of its 3 chocolate museum – factories. The Clavileño Chocolate Museum – factory is the one closest to the end of Villajoyosa, on its way out to the port. It was opened more than 130 years ago, and it offers free admission with free tasting on mornings and afternoons from Monday to Friday. In its museum you can see several objects for the artisanal elaboration of chocolate. We recommend visiting it because of the high quality of the Clavileño chocolates and for those who wish a different point of view from Villajoyosa.

Chocolate factories in Villajoyosa: Clavileño Chocolate Museum.

Useful information to visit the Clavileño Museum – factory

#187 Colón St.

03570 Villajoyosa (Alicante)

Telephone: 965 890 778
Further information

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